Comparing Superannuation

Comparing Superannuation

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Comparing Superannuation funds is important as superannuation is a key retirement vehicle as your funds can grow more rapidly due to the favourable tax treatment.

It is integral to future retirement that you have a superannuation fund tailored to your needs. So why wouldn’t you compare your superannuation funds to ensure it is the most appropriate for your personal circumstances.

Let us help you make an informed decision on your current or potentially new superannuation fund to provide you with an understanding of the landscape and the choices available. In comparing superannuation funds we will weigh up the fees you are paying and fund performance against other factors such as risk, investment returns, services and insurance.

Comparing Superannuation

Comparing Superannuation areas of advice can include:

  • Review of your current administration, platform and fund management fees and if costs savings are attainable and in lines with your goals.
  • Review of investment options and their performance.
  • Review the ability to implement transactions in a timely manner (online and not paper-based requests) and to adjust your asset allocation and investment recommendations so you can take advantage of investment opportunities in time of market volatility.
  • Receive ongoing communication regarding transactions made to your portfolio (if ongoing adviser management is selected),
  • Ability to monitor cash positions to ensure excess funds can be invested based on recommendations provided.
  • Do you have access to a broad investment list of cash, term deposits, direct shares, managed funds, ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds), LICs (Listed Investment Companies), SMAs (Separately Managed Accounts) & MDAs (Managed Discretionary Accounts) to ensure a viable investment solution can be used and adapted according to market conditions.
  • Online access so you can view your investments.
  • Ability to move from a cost-effective passive multi sector investment management approach to an adviser led sector specific managed fund investment approach without the need of changing account providers.

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