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Estate Planning

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Let us assist you in planning your estate so you can be confident in securing money to live your life to the full, and passing on assets and inheritance when then time comes.

Properly mapping out your Estate planning affairs can not only provide you with one of the most important and powerful sets of documents you will ever hold but ensure a smooth succession on family wealth to the next generation or intended beneficiaries. Adversely, the impact of a poorly planned Estate plan can result in substantial taxation, administrative costs, stress on relationships and other unintended consequences.

Estate Planning

Areas of advice can include:

  • Implement a plan so that upon death or incapacitation you get the right assets to the right people at the right time. This includes working with a solicitor to establish Wills, Power of Attorney and Testamentary Trusts.
  • Ensure that beneficiary nominations are set up for any non-estate (super and insurance) assets so assets are tax-effectively distributed.
  • Provide investment plan for any inheritance received so you be confident it is appropriately invested based on the deceased wishes whilst you receive ongoing education in managing a potentially large pool of money.

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