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Creating an investment portfolio is an essential step in achieving your financial goals and managing risk.

An investment portfolio is a diversified collection of assets that align with your risk tolerance, time horizon, and financial objectives.

At Sterling Grange Financial Planning, we take an active approach to investment management.

Our Advisers have weekly investment committee meetings to review Tactical Asset allocations, investment allocations, market analysis and discuss our thoughts on the direction of global economies so we can help you understand how this can affect the future outcome of your investment portfolios.

Investment Portfolio

Investment Portfolio areas of advice can include:

  • Develop your investment risk profile.
  • Implement an adviser led active investment approach:
    • An active approach will allow for use of our adviser expertise in managing your investment portfolio and targeting thematic market ideas.
    • Invest your funds in line with your investment risk tolerance.
    • Establish broad geographic and asset class exposure across the investment spectrum.
    • Consider currency risk for international investment exposures.
    • Consider duration and credit risk for defensive investment exposures.
    • Consider the different investment style approaches of growth, value, core, or a combination of all three based on the current underlying economic market conditions.
  • Consider listed and unlisted investment opportunities such as cash, term deposits, shares, managed funds, insurance bonds, ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds), LICs (Listed Investment Companies), and SMAs (Separately Managed Accounts).
  • Ability to monitor cash positions to ensure excess funds can be invested based on ad-hoc opportunities.
  • Receive ongoing communication regarding transactions made to your portfolio (if ongoing adviser management is selected).
  • Be able to implement transactions in a timely manner (online) and to adjust your asset allocation and investment recommendations so you can take advantage of investment opportunities in times of market volatility.
  • Online access so you can view your investments.
  • When your portfolio needs to be reviewed, the ability to track your investments against others in the marketplace to ensure they continue to be a viable investment structure and performance is adequate in comparison to your risk return profile.

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