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“Building wealth to design a lifestyle – where income leads expenses to enable freedom.”

Sterling Grange want to get to know you, your life, your goals and aspirations and then put in place meaningful planned steps that empower you to achieve financial prosperity. We believe that everyone has a unique set of circumstances that requires a tailored investment approach.  We will analyse your situation so we can provide you with superior financial strategies to achieve the financial freedom you desire.

Sterling Grange has 6 values ingrained into everything we do to ensure our clients receive the best financial planning advice for them. These are:


We are committed to authentic and positive relationships, built upon trust, respect and goodwill. We want to be a support network for our clients where our advisers are approachable and have the desire to help others.


Everyone’s goals are unique. We will work closely with you to find what works and tailor our approach to suit.


We pride ourselves on working hard and with integrity, so we continually achieve high quality outcomes.

Knowledge & Learning

Our advice is accredited and delivered with the highest professional standards. We are devoted to ongoing education and believe in sharing our knowledge and insights to help you grow.


No conflicts or pressure from external sources, so we can make the best unbiased decisions for our clients through value and solution-based thinking.


Your growth is our success. We want our clients to achieve their goals through empowering conscious choices and focus on income driving expense decisions.

Life is busy and it’s forever changing, with ups and downs and constantly moving goal posts. It can be overwhelming keeping on top of your personal finances and adapting your financial goals to meet your changing life needs. Issues such as a change of income or worrying if you have enough Super can take a huge toll on your mental and physical health, your relationships, and your overall quality of life. We believe that through our values, financial stress and anxiety shouldn’t adversely affect your wellbeing. Sterling Grange is here to shield you from your financial stress.

 Welcome to Sterling Grange Financial Planning