10 reasons why you should consider Sterling Grange

10 reasons why you should consider Sterling Grange

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Below are 10 reasons why you should consider Sterling Grange for your Financial Planning needs

1. Highly Skilled and Qualified.

  • All advisers are Directors of Sterling Grange Financial Planning.
  • Industry experience since at least 2011.
  • Master of Financial Planning or Certified Financial Planners (CFP).
  • Accredited SMSF specialists.
  • Met FASEA requirements.
  • Licensed to trade in direct equities.
  • Aged Care Specialists.

2. Client Care / Client First Approach

  • No conflict of interest:
    • No ownership links or affiliations with products.
    • No conflicted model.
  • When Legislation changes existing clients take precedence.

3. No Paid Referral Relationships

  • Sterling Grange’s advisers do not receive a fee for clients referred nor do we pay a fee for clients received.
  • We want our clients to be looked after to ensure they are in a better position with a team of professionals looking out for their best interests.

4. Fee for Service

  • You get what you pay for with an outline of the services you are to receive for the fees paid. No commissions for investment advice.
  • This creates a better alignment of an appropriate service to meet your needs.

5. Agnostic Adviser & Agnostic Company (Neutrality)

  • No preference or bias for any particular product, investment, or company.
    • Ensures any investment or product we recommend is appropriate from the largest comparison of providers and products possible.

6. Flexibility

  • Face to face and/or online meeting offerings.
  • Holistic advice so you can receive the advice that will make a difference to you.

7. Inhouse Investment Selection

  • Decisions are not outsourced.
  • Not a third party or robot outside our organisation.
  • Recommendations are specific and tailored made to suit your needs.
  • Sector specific investment selection for Silver and Gold Ongoing Adviser Service clients.

8. Investment Committee & Adviser Council

  • Sterling Grange Advisers have weekly investment committee meetings to review:
    • Tactical Asset Allocation – Macro Changes.
    • Investment Allocations – Bottom-up review and sector targets.
    • Market Analysis – New funds and/or opportunities.
    • Overall thoughts on currencies, interest rates and inflation and how this effects our investment decisions.
  • Licensee Advisory Council – Spark Financial Group (Axies Pty Ltd and Spark Advisors Australia Pty Ltd) – Assist in investment and advisory practice decisions for 90+ other Financial Advisers and development of legislation responses.

9. Style-Agnostic Investing (active investment management)

  • Consider the beneficial use of:
    • Growth, Value, Quality or Core based investment approaches.
  • Knowledgeable approach to investment management.
  • Goal of helping investors exploit market inefficiencies – Active Vs Passive Management.

10. Tactical Investment Asset Allocation Approach

  • Not just a strategic asset allocation.
  • This allows us to consider Macro-economic themes as the market rises and falls.