Why do you want to accumulate wealth? Purchasing a new or first home, funding future education, early retirement, repayment of debt, increasing passive (investment) income, major lifestyle event, asset acquisition, estate equalisation or philanthropy. Let us help you take the important steps to set personal goals, understand how much you’ll need and by when – to make it a reality!

Having an understanding of your current financial strategy will stand the test of time into the future. Meeting your financial goals and living costs is a powerful tool to understand how long your money will last into retirement. Review your financial situation, make changes and plan for a greater long-term financial outcome.

Areas of advice can include:

  • Develop your investment risk profile.
  • Consider listed and unlisted investment opportunities such as cash, term deposits, shares, managed funds, insurance bonds, ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds), LICs (Listed Investment Companies), and SMAs (Separately Managed Accounts).
  • Implement a portfolio with diversified asset class and geographic exposure.
  • Determine whether a passive or active investment approach is right for you.
  • Choose investment options that won’t erode your investment balance through higher fees and transaction costs.
  • Establish a portfolio structure that allows for transactions to be made in a timely manner, ongoing communication, ease of management and online access to your investment accounts.

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